ClearSight LLC is proud to announce the ClearSight Intraocular Lens —        a revolutionary device designed to give ophthalmologists a comprehensive solution to reduce posterior capsule opacification. The ClearSight IOL features Sharklet, a micropattern designed to redirect cellular migration away from the field of vision.

The ClearSight IOL has distinct features each designed for a specific purpose:

  • The lens platform easily integrates with any premium optic.

  • The material is specifically formulated to be free of glistenings.

  • The outer portion of the lens has a 360⁰ square-edge micropatterned membrane preventing LEC migration responsible for PCO formation.



According to the World Health Organization, cataract is the leading cause of blindness, with over 20 million people affected in 2010. While age is the leading cause, younger people can develop cataract through eye disease or injury.

Current treatment for cataracts is simple: the clouded lens is removed, and a new, artificial intraocular lens is inserted. After the surgery, cells migrate onto the new lens, making it cloudy. A followup procedure uses an Nd:YAG laser to remove the migrated cells. Unfortunately, these laser procedures are expensive and available to less than 1% of the world’s population. In 2012 alone, Medicare reimbursed more than $350 million for laser capsulotomy surgeries.



Versatile IOL Platform

With the growing prevalence of premium optics (extended depth of focus, multifocal), patient expectations regarding visual outcomes are increasing.  The ClearSight PCO-preventing platform can be integrated with the full range of premium optics—allowing for maximum patient satisfaction for those that have paid a premium out-of-pocket for their IOL implant.

Anti-Glistening Material

The ClearSight IOL is made in a patented hydrophobic acrylic material that is formulated to eliminate glistenings. Currently, the two market-leading IOLs in the U.S. are plagued by the occurrence of glistenings in the material, which can sometimes affect visual quality. Our material eliminates this issue, providing a better platform for delivering a premium extended depth-of-field optic.


Designed to Prevent Lens Opacification

The ClearSight IOL is designed to prevent PCO.  A novel square-edge membrane fully surrounds and protects the optic against LEC migration. The membrane is printed with Sharklet, a micropattern designed to inhibit the migration of cells onto the new lens. In vitro studies revealed an 80% reduction in LEC migration, while in vivo studies demonstrated 100% reduction in visually significant PCO in rabbit eyes. These results signify a breakthrough in PCO prevention.


Magin et al – Micropatterned Protective Membranes Inhibit Lens Epithelial Cell Migration in Posterior Capsule Opacification Model
  • This piece, published in Translational Vision Science & Technology, explains the effect that the Sharklet micropattern has on cells that cause PCO

  • For more information about Sharklet, visit

Kramer et al – Evaluation of stability and capsular bag opacification with a foldable intraocular lens coupled with a protective membrane in the rabbit model
  • In this in vivo study, experts at the University of Utah show that PCO was reduced in rabbits with 100% reduction of clinically significant PCO.

  • For more information, visit the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.


Khalid Mentak, PhD
Khalid Mentak, PhDChairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Mentak has extensive experience in building medical device companies from the ground up. He founded and led several companies in the ophthalmic space including Surgidev Corporation, Advanced Vision Science, Inc. (AVS) , and Adoptics Ltd. Dr. Mentak is the founder and president of Key Medical Technologies, Inc., a privately owned company specializing in developing and licensing novel technologies for ophthalmic applications.
Full Bio
Kevin H. Cuevas, MD
Kevin H. Cuevas, MDChief Medical Officer
Dr. Cuevas holds some of the original patents for the ClearSight IOL design and is a co-founder of the company. He is the founder and former Medical Director of Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology, one of the leading high-volume cataract practices in the country, where he is also a practicing ophthalmologist. Dr. Cuevas serves as Partner and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for ClearSight LLC and is the inventor of the patented ClearSight IOL device.
Full Bio
Shravanthi Reddy, PhD
Shravanthi Reddy, PhDChief Executive Officer
Dr. Reddy serves as ClearSight’s Chief Executive Officer. She is responsible for strategic planning for the company’s efforts to move forward with product R&D, regulatory strategy, and path to market. As VP of R&D for parent company Sharklet Technologies, Inc., she is instrumental in securing licensing deals with strategic partners for use of the Sharklet micropattern on medical devices.
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Kevin Harris
Kevin HarrisDirector of R&D
Mr. Harris is ClearSight’s Director of R&D, and oversees daily execution of the ClearSight IOL development, manufacturing, and testing efforts. He brings medical device development experience, including holding the engineering lead position for the Sharklet-patterned Foley catheter for Cook Medical.
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Jeannie Cecka
Jeannie CeckaDirector of Regulatory Affairs
Ms. Cecka is ClearSight’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, bringing many years of experience in Ophthalmic device market approvals and clinical trials with her. She has been involved with taking products through US and European market approval processes for both large and small companies, including Abbott Medical Optics (AMO), Hoya Surgical, Allergan, Baxter, PowerVision, TrueVision, and Glaukos. These roles have spanned from Director of Clinical Affairs to Director of Regulatory and Quality Affairs.
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Mark Packer, MD
Mark Packer, MDClinical Advisor
Mark Packer is internationally recognized as a leader in ophthalmology, the author of original research establishing innovative techniques and groundbreaking technologies. He is widely sought after for his medical, clinical and regulatory expertise by companies in the medical device and pharmaceutical space.
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